Solar Thermal Energy

What needs does solar thermal energy cover?

  • ACS Sanitary Hot Water (properties, sports centers, hospitals, etc.)
  • Industrial hot water.
  • Conventional or underfloor heating.
  • Pool heating.
Energía Solar Térmica​
Energía Solar Térmica​

What are solar thermos or thermosiphonic equipment?

Compact thermosiphonic equipment is ideal to obtain domestic hot water (ACS) through the exclusive use of solar thermal energy, a free energy with which you can start saving on your home´s consumption.

What is forced-circulation solar thermal equipment?

When it is necessary to separate solar collectors from the accumulator (like in community buildings) or to support both domestic hot water and heating or swimming pool systems, we use forced circulation equipment.

In these systems the water circulation is not done by natural convection, so they incorporate a water pump that will work by external energy.

Energía Solar Térmica​
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